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Our Club Weathering COVID-19

Greetings Club Members

We are truly in in uncharted waters these days and hoping you are all staying safe. The Club’s Board made the decision to cancel our March Lunch and Learn but we look forward to having Grant Goodale of Convoy address the club at a future meeting. The in-person April joint meeting with the Transportation Club of Tacoma is cancelled but we are looking to possibly put on a virtual event on that day, Please stay tuned for more information.

We fully expect to continue our programs during 2020 and are evaluating options like a virtual Lunch and Learn. We believe it is even more important to stay connected in times like these.

We are also discussing actions the Club can take to support its members as we anticipate some hard days ahead. We welcome your suggestions and will be communicating out activities to keep you informed.

Please check our social media outlets for news articles and other information on trends impacting our industry.

We believe Transportation industry will demonstrate in a very visible way the critical role it plays in our economy and society over the coming months. Thank you for being on the job, getting critical supplies and goods where they need to be.

Stay safe.

Jace Thompson

President of the Transportation Club of Seattle

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