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New Partnership!!

TCS is excited to announce a new partnership with Traffic Club of Chicago. We will be collaborating with them, and other sister clubs across the country, to share networking and educational opportunities with our membership. Check out their website at:

The Traffic Club of Chicago is your place to make connections with other dynamic supply chain and logistics leaders in one of the world’s most vibrant transportation markets. Dedicated to providing you with insightful and relevant information about your business, The Traffic Club serves its membership with a wide range of programs and resources.

Connect with peers in highway, air, rail, and water modes as well as providers of third party logistics, information technology, and equipment, along with some of the nation’s largest shipper organizations. Focused on helping members understand and profit from the exciting changes that make transportation such an exciting business, The Traffic Club is rooted in a long and rich history in the development of Chicago as a commercial hub.

Founded in 1907 when railroading was the big business of the day, the Traffic Club of Chicago started as a place where manufacturers and rail management could meet to improve their working relationships. The new organization provided a forum to discuss their challenges and opportunities in a relaxed atmosphere at downtown Chicago’s Grand Pacific Hotel, which housed the Club’s first dining facilities. With a long list of celebrities and influential people who visited, spoke, and entertained in our facilities, it wasn’t long before the club outgrew its first headquarters.

Today’s market continues its rapid evolution, and the Traffic Club of Chicago keeps pace with informative programs, modern resources, and savvy members who know they need to be ready for what tomorrow will bring. The membership base is broad, our scope is all-inclusive, and we look forward to serving our ever-changing industry for another century.

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